Business Subscriptions

Bring the life-transforming story of Jesus Christ into your business or workplace with a special business subscription of testimony/Enrich magazine. In addition to personal subscriptions, we offer the option to have a copy of testimony/Enrich delivered directly to your business or workplace—a simple way to help brighten your work environment with the light of Christ!

Our goal is to make Jesus famous throughout all the world, and what better place to start with than the market place of your business?

If you're already a subscriber and you wish to add a business subscription, simply log in and select subscribe from the top menu of the website. Since you're already a subscriber, you can skip the first two steps of the subscription process and move straight to Step 3 where you can select "Business Subscription" from the list of subscription types. Or if you're not a subscriber yet, you can add a business subscription while completing your own subscription. It's that easy!

Hint: If you're already logged in to the website, the Log In button in the top menu will change to Log Out.

Bring testimony/Enrich to your business today!