testimony/Enrich is a quarterly publication of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. As of April 2019, it is a merged publication consisting of the previously bimonthly testimony magazine for congregations/individual readers and the quarterly Enrich magazine for credential holders. Each quarter, a combined edition of testimony and Enrich will be produced which tells the story of God at work among us, speaks to the realities of being a disciplined follower of Jesus today, and provides insight for leaders among us, both credentialed and volunteer. In this way we will ensure that our subscribers and credentialed leaders are receiving the same insight and inspiration. There is something for everyone in testimony/Enrich! Consider subscribing to testimony/Enrich for access to the complete range of feature articles and columns. Or consider sponsoring a friend or even a prison ministry.

As a testimony/Enrich subscriber, for the same annual cost you will receive this combined, expanded publication four times a year. Enrich recipients will also now receive the combined publication at the same (quarterly) frequency.

Your subscription helps us keep testimony/Enrich alive, allowing us to continue telling the life-transforming story of Jesus Christ. If you don’t wish to commit to an ongoing subscription, consider a one-time donation here.