Gift Subscriptions

If you've found encouragement, inspiration or simply enjoyment from your testimony/Enrich subscription, why not share it with a friend or loved one? Now you can pass on what you've received from testimony/Enrich to others with a gift subscription.

By giving the gift of testimony/Enrich, you'll help us keep testimony/Enrich alive and allow us to continue telling the life-transforming story of Jesus Christ, while blessing your friends and family at the same time!

If you're already a subscriber and you wish to give a gift subscription, simply log in and select subscribe from the top menu of the website. Since you're already a subscriber, you can skip the first two steps of the subscription process and move straight to Step 3 where you can select "Gift Subscription" from the list of subscription types. Or if you're not a subscriber yet, you can add a gift subscription while completing your own subscription. It's that easy!

Hint: If you're already logged in to the website, the Log In button in the top menu will change to Log Out.

Give the gift of testimony/Enrich today!