The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of students From Our Bible Colleges - Part 1

The Holy Spirit at work in the lives of students: Personal testimonies

The Holy Spirit at work in students’ lives

We invited 22 PAOC-affiliated Bible college students to share what the Holy Spirit is doing in their lives. As part of our centenary celebration, we’ll share those testimonies with you over the course of two magazine issues and post some of them over social media over the next few weeks. Part 1 is reflected in the current issue and features students from Horizon College & Seminary in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Master’s College & Seminary based in Peterborough, Ontario. Some details regarding each student will be omitted for online privacy.

Here are two of those stories.

Caleb Besiata, 19

Some friends and I felt led to take the bus around Saskatoon. At the depot, a group of people sat down by us. A woman called “Junebug” said that she had severe arthritis in her right arm. After my friend Ani prayed for her, Junebug started to cry and said, “I felt heat go through my arm, and all the pain is completely gone!”
As we continued talking with them, Junebug said she also had scoliosis. I asked if I could check her feet, and it turned out that her left leg was shorter than her right. As she sat back against the chair, Ani and I commanded her left leg to come out. Suddenly it popped out, and she let out a loud groan! Her left leg was now the same length as the right. After praying with her, she said, “I wanna start running everywhere now!”

Celeste Scheel, 21

A couple of students at school meet together every Sunday night to pray over each other and over the school. As we have been doing this, we started to notice that the more we come together to pray, the more the Holy Spirit shows up in tangible ways. One night we were praying over each other, and there were a few people who seemed particularly down and depressed, dealing with various issues in their lives. We began to pray over them, and we were singing and worshipping. As I was there singing and praying, [the] Holy Spirit fell upon me so heavily and I began to experience this radical joy. I could see the situations of everyone around me and how bleak and hopeless things looked, but I was filled with this overwhelming joy because God was showing me how He was over all of that, bringing hope and healing. The dismal situations just began to fade away as [the] Holy Spirit began revealing the glory of God. And it was hilarious! I was filled with so much joy, I could not stop laughing. I began trying to pray over these people, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Then a few other students started to laugh too because they began to experience it as well. The joy of the Spirit of the Lord left me laughing for literally an hour.

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