7 QUESTIONS for Robert McAffee Interview

7 QUESTIONS for Robert McAffee: Seeing the light of hope in the Canadian landscape

Lisa Hall-Wilson

“My spiritual belief is that just beyond where you are right now, there is hope.”

Robert McAffee is a Canadian landscape artist. During his lifetime, he has worked as a sign painter, a photographer, in retail, and in banking. He began painting full time in 2009. McAffee credits his opportunity to create art and his every success to God. Robert and his family attend Whitby Christian Assembly in Whitby, Ont.

Q1: Was church part of your family’s regular routine when you were growing up?

I was raised in a Christian home. My father was a fourth-generation Christian. When he came to Toronto in the late 1950s, he met my mom, who had never been in a church in her life. They were a little worldly for a while. Someone from a local Pentecostal church in Rexdale came knocking on our door, back when door-to-door invitations to church were quite common. Through my sister’s prodding we ended up at that church. That returned my father to his roots and changed us all in terms of....

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This article appears in the May/June 2016 Issue of testimony. 
Image ©Robert McAffee


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