A Renewed Perspective

From the Editor

A Renewed Perspective

Stacey Mckenzie

Owning your unique call

Feeling battle weary? Worn down by bad news and complicated relationships? Those aren’t uncommon sentiments or experiences in these interesting days. Next to God’s timeless and encouraging Word, this centenary issue may be just what you need to find excitement and motivation to seek God’s perspective on everything you face. Whether the result is that you feel challenged to go back to your first love (Revelation 2:2-4) or you discover Jesus for the very first time, we pray that this issue brings you hope.

In this first combined issue of testimony and Enrich, you’ll hear stories and viewpoints that can spark a desire to press deeper into your relationship with God. In this and follow-up issues, you’ll continue to read testimonies that can help you be a better Christ follower or leader wherever you are.

God is looking to use each of us in new and unexpected ways to reach our communities and our nation for Christ. Each of us has a role in advancing God’s kingdom which no one else can fill—and in our time, it’s going to take both courage and perseverance. These accounts can draw you to seek out the boldness and power that come only from the Holy Spirit so you may continue in obedience to God’s plans and purposes, especially those designed just for you. As you read the stories of those whom God used to ignite the early impact of our Fellowship, and of those who are still living in obedience today, may you also be inspired to join Him in whatever He is doing, whatever the personal cost. It will be well worth it!

Stacey McKenzie
Editor, testimony/Enrich

This article appeared in the April/May/June 2019 issue of testimony/Enrich, a quarterly publication of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

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