Centenary Issue Update

From the Editor

Centenary Issue Update

Stacey McKenzie

To our valued readers:

We’re hard at work preparing the centenary issue, which will be the first combined issue of testimony and Enrich. The expected delivery date is in June 2019.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to:

100 Years of Pentecost Cover-Testimonies from Bible college students (over the next two issues) highlighting God’s work in their lives and reminding us of our call to keep Jesus as our first love. At least nine students will share personal stories in this issue and 13 will be highlighted in the following issue.

-A timeline, decade by decade, giving a glimpse into the vision and mission that brought The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada together. That mission has kept us together ever since—glorifying God by making disciples everywhere, proclaiming and practising the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-A walk, led by Van Johnson, through our journey in establishing our theological foundations as a Pentecostal movement, and how the conversation continues to unfold today.

-A look by Travis Holownia at what it means to live a “Lifestyle of Resurgence”—a “rising again” of God’s Spirit—in our personal lives and ministries.

-Learning from Kevin Shepherd how the outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was as much a miracle of hearing as it was speaking, and how we can better hear God’s voice.

-A history of the Pentecostal World Conference and more details about the upcoming 25th conference in Calgary, themed “SPIRIT NOW,” and why it will be worth attending!

We look forward to sharing this and much more in this and upcoming issues of testimony/Enrich. Sample content will be posted to www.testimonyenrich.ca once the print copies are mailed. Full content will continue to be an exclusive benefit of subscribers and credential holders. Consider an additional subscriptionsponsoring a frienddonating, or supplying copies for prison ministries. Visit www.testimonyenrich.ca to learn more!

We welcome your story leads, comments and questions at testimony@paoc.org.


Stacey McKenzie

Editor, testimony/Enrich

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