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Over the last few decades, a problem has crystallized in the lives of young people across Canada, particularly in those who have grown up in the evangelical church. Time and time again we have seen the trend proven; a staggering number of students leave their Christian faith in the transition period from high school to post-secondary education. All too often, questions are being asked as to why this is happening. One of the most poignant answers is that students are ill-prepared for the challenges they will face when entering college, university or the workforce today.

In response to this problem, we as The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), under the direction of Mission Canada and our SERVE Campus Network, have developed a timely and effective resource to help students work through important questions and tough topics while being mentored by a youth pastor or another ministry leader.

The reality is that students are asking questions about relationships like, “How do I date as a Christian?” Or questions related to practical life skills like, “How do I budget wisely?” And they are wanting to address questions like, “What is God's purpose for my life?” “What is love?” “How do I overcome anxiety?” Students need guidance that is biblically based and morally strong in today’s world as they grapple with questions that shape their future. With this in mind, a team of PAOC leaders took on the challenge of creating the Life Launch project.

Life Launch is a series of discipleship videos geared to high-school-age students, and those in their post-secondary years. They focus on a variety of topics including discovering life’s purpose, managing mental health, finding community, adulting from the basement, and doing life on mission. Life Launch was developed because Mission Canada identified the need for a resource for those leading the next generation through the important transitional years of life. It needed to be video-based, engaging, flexible, high quality and professionally produced—not to mention “free.” We wanted something that could be used by Next Gen ministry leaders in a variety of settings.

This video series gives experienced Mission Canada campus ministry workers, young adult pastors and other ministry leaders the opportunity to speak into the lives of a younger generation. They can share “pro” tips and challenge students’ thinking in ways that will propel them into the next chapter of life and all that God has for them. Students can be led through the video messages with a youth pastor in a large group setting, with a leader one-on-one, or in a small-group environment. Discussion-based questions are an integral part of every thematic video session and help guide and strengthen the discipleship process.

Nelly Latchman, a Mission Canada campus worker and young adults pastor in Windsor, Ont., has this to say about Life Launch:

“Life Launch is an amazing tool for those leading the next generation today! Many of the video segments are written and presented by Mission Canada workers who pour into the lives of students in post-secondary campus environments every day. Life Launch videos also speak to issues being faced by teens and young adults who are entering the workforce while still living at home, those moving to a new city, or those who are just trying to figure out life and what the future holds for them. Using Life Launch in a church youth or young adult group setting makes it applicable and relatable to everyone. The discussion questions that follow the video teaching are very beneficial—they get you thinking! You can plan a whole semester of teaching and equipping, giving students the opportunity to hear from a variety of leaders in our Fellowship who can pour into their lives, or you can pick and choose the themes you want for shorter equipping times throughout the year. Or consider using Life Launch as part of a retreat for graduating students, creating something just for them using trusted, knowledgeable, and well-produced material.”

As students turn the page from one chapter of life to the next, there’s a lot of new experiences they’re going to encounter—some good, and some bad. And whether that's going to be on a university or college campus, in a new city, or in a radically different employment environment, as a PAOC family, we want to equip leaders who can, in turn, provide resources to students. They can help students journey well in the transitional years of life, and with Christ at the centre of all decisions. We want students to be prepared in their faith so their journey with Jesus is strong and unwavering.

Let’s fuel our students with valuable life lessons as they enter their next chapters of life. The future of our nation will be in their hands going forward as they become influencers, entrepreneurs, company executives, politicians, teachers and the change-makers of tomorrow. We have the opportunity today to guide and disciple them well, preparing them to live out their Christian faith and be a generation of Christ-followers who will take the gospel where it still needs to go … until everyone has heard it.

Check out the Life Launch promo clips on YouTube at SERVE Campus Network (click here: To start mentoring students using Life Launch, go to Let us help you!

David Burke serves as a Mission Canada worker on the campus of Toronto Metropolitan University, where he leads LifeLine, a ministry to campus students. LifeLine is an environment where students are free to voice doubts and stretch their faith, with the knowledge that God is big enough to handle tough questions and doubting minds.

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